Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer's almost halfway over?!

I haven't posted for so long and feel as though time is flying by!! I have a new granddaughter, Abriella Colette Smith and she is a sweet adorable little thing!! Hopefully I will be a little better at posting and staying up to date on everything!!
Happy Summer!!

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third rock from the sun said...

Hi Joni! Wow, it has been a long time! I know someone you know and thought I'd say HI! You have quite a family! Darling grandkids! None for me yet, but I mooch in on other people's grandkids for now. Daphnie is working in Portland and Candice is clear across the nation in New York, modeling. She just got back from South Africa and did an editorial that lately landed her a job with Saks Fifth Avenue. You might have seen her on Project Runway...Watch for her on the next Bachelor!!! We are working on her to apply. We still have a teenager Greg that keeps us laughing and young! Guess you are still in Ontario...we just moved from Iowa (loved it there) and landed in the Willamette Valley after we spent a year in the OC...well, take care...remembering the good times and faithful friends we made along the way. love, Gloria